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November 20, 2013

Just Another Blog all about me

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I’ve decided for the next blogs I do I’ll give up a few facts about me and showcase both my upcoming and my backlist books.

I love purple.  My entire office is decorated in purple.  I even have a purple high heel pencil sharpener.  I once wore a purple wig at a writer’s retreat and I looked like death.  Purple is pretty in an office but not on my head!

Up until two years ago I was still going to a dance studio for tap lessons each week.  I’ve been a dancer all my life and my biggest fear about this hip surgery is that I’ll never dance again.

And now…to book news.   Scene of the Crime: Return to Bachelor Moon is up for an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Intrigue of the year. .Return to Bachelor Moon

promise him anything ebookPromise Him Anything was my very first big romantic suspense…and it is a true suspense novel.  You know from the very first page of the book who the bad guy is and what lengths he’ll go to in order to get to the heroine and their son.  Juliette Monroe and her son had been on the run from her abusive husband for a year.  With his endless resources he’s finally hunted her down in Riverton, Kansas where cop Nick Corelli, a man haunted by his own past, promises to keep Juliette and her son safe.

Juliette had promised her husband, David Blankenship she would never leave him.  She lied…and now he’s determined to make her pay.  You can find Promise Him Anything at Amazon and if you get a chance to read it or any of my other books, I would love it if you’d leave a review.


That’s it from me this time…see you in a week or so!

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