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December 29, 2012

A New Look For a New Year

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     I have  a new website!  And it’s beautiful.  Thanks to Hot Damn Designs, I’ve finally entered the new age.  I hope you all will check it out.  The website is

     It is also with great pleasure that I’m kicking 2012 to the curb.  This has been a year of endless health problems, the lastest of which is that my daughter fell and broke her femur and I’m still dealing with some hip-repair surgery issues.

    The good news is that she will heal and so will I and I’m so looking forward to entering the new year with a renewed commitment to be kind to my friends and strangers, to be all that my family needs me to be, and of course to write the books I love to write!  (oh yeah, and get out of these darned tennis shoes and back into my slamming heels!)

     I start the new year off with the third book in the Cowboy Cafe series.  Cowboy With a Cause is a January release and a book that’s near and dear to my heart and I hope you all will enjoy it.

     My head is brimming with so many book ideas that I’ve papered one of my walls in my office with white board paper so I can just jump up from my desk and write on the wall whatever thought enters my mind.  Some thoughts however, should never be written down!

     I’m entering 2013 with crazy energy and enthusiasm and hoping for the strength to face whatever might come my way.  I wish you all a great new year and hope you’ll come back here and visit me often.

Take care and keep reading!


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