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November 13, 2012

Letting Go

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It’s been four weeks since my hip surgery, four weeks of non-weight bearing on my right side.  I have four more weeks to go and some thoughts of this whole process.

I hate crutches.  They are instruments of the devil, designed to trip you up, force you to think before taking a step and make your body ache when you get off of them for the day.

I love my husband, who has stepped into the role of cooker, cleaner (well, kind of) driver and general fetch and tote guy. 

I’m doing physical therapy twice a week and it only hurts occasionally, but the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn through this so far is to let go of control.  And that’s huge for me!

Does my house look like it would if I could walk?  No.  I got into bed the other night after my hubby had washed the sheets and re-made it.  The first thing I noticed was that the bottom sheet was on upside down.  I stared at that unsightly seem at the corner and had to take several deep breaths and remind myself  the sheets were clean and maybe it’s good to sleep on them upside down sometimes. 

I’ve also learned a healthy dose of empathy for my daughter who has been in a wheelchair for two years.  I didn’t understand her feelings of helplessness, the worry about being a burden, the decision not to ask for what you want because it required somebody else doing it or getting it. 

Thankfully my daughter has been fitted with a brace and now walks for short periods of time.  She’s regained her independence and I’m so proud of her.  I know for me this time will pass, my hip will heal and I’ll be able to get rid of those damned crutches! 

My husband will go back to holding down the sofa and I’ll return to my normal life of running everything and keeping control…and we won’t sleep on upside down sheets again!

Still, there’s something a little bit freeing about letting go of the reins, allowing somebody else to be in charge for a change.  

And to Rachel…yes, there are more Cowboy Cafe books coming.  Cowboy With A Cause will be out in January.  It’s the third book in the series, and after that is Cameron and Mary’s story. 

Hope you enjoy it and I’ll try to check in here soon and post the cover which is gorgeous. 

Thanks for visiting…Carla

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