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August 30, 2012

Full Moon Madness

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There’s a full moon out tonight and I’m supposed to be the sane one in my family, but I’m filled with a restless energy and want to howl at the moon.  This always happens when I finish a book (which I did yesterday)  It takes me a day or two of craziness before I’m ready  to settle into the next project.

This has been a strange couple of weeks for me.  The borderline, the raised by wolves and I are in a peaceful place.  There’s always a honeymoon period between crises and I always enjoy th peace and love that we share during these times.  Meanwhile my mind has been churning with new ideas.  They’ve been tumbling over each other in my head and I’m frantically keeping track of the creative nuggets that are appearing on a wall in my office that’s covered with dry-erase poster paper. 

There are times as a writer I feel as if the well is dry, that I have no more stories to tell, then suddenly the ideas blossom in bits and pieces, giving me just enough to get me excited again.  My well is full at the moment and I love it!

Speaking of loving things, my hubby loves Twinkies and I heard a rumor that Hostess was going to stop making them.  It just so happened that my grocery store had the Hostess stuff on sale so I bought ten boxes of Twinkies and five boxes of Hostess cupcakes.  I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS AN EXIRATION DATE ON TWINKIES!   We have to eat all of those boxes in the next two weeks!  Fortunately that means I won’t have to cook dinner for the next fourteen or fifteen days.  Twinkie anyone??

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August 7, 2012

Raised by Wolves and other Damaged Souls

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I had a wonderful childhood, with parents who still tell me everyday that they love me to the moon and back.  I’ve been blessed by the love that has surrounded me and I think maybe that’s why damaged souls often find their way to me.

Take Raised by Wolves, my daughter’s partner.  She began life with a brother who died of neglect.  She was abandoned in a room by her drug-addicted mother and when she was finally found by a friend of the family, nobody knew for sure how long she’d been left alone.  She was filthy and smelled so bad that the taxi driver refused to let the woman and this child into his cab.

That was her beginning.  She was unofficially adopted by the ‘friend’ who found her and you would think there would be a happy ending for her, but that wasn’t the case.  Her new ‘mother’ married a man who beat this child.  If she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and he heard her, he’d beat her so badly that she finally stopped going to the bathroom and instead would creep into the living room to potty under the pool table.

The new ‘mother’ had two daughters, the princesses, leaving RWW to wonder where she fit and with the final realization that she fit nowhere.  When she met my daughter she had an alcohol problem, she was an adult who suffered from detachment disorder.  She was afraid to trust, afraid to believe in anyone.  And so she was brought into my life.  Damaged goods.  

It’s been ten years and I’ve treated her like my daughter, with lectures and disapproval when needed, but always with love.  She calls me mom and loves me back and although there are days I want to throttle her for one reason or another I never forget where she came from and how little she’d been given compared  to all I’ve been given.

She’s a character I find myself wanting to write about over and over again.  I find myself fascinated by the damage that people do to one another, amazed at the human spirit that can rise above it to seek happiness.

In other news, my daughter, who has been in the wheelchair  for the past year and a half is going to be fitted for a leg brace next week.  Her doctor thinks her thigh muscle is strong enough to allow her to walk with the brace fifty percent of the time.  YEAH! 

That’s it from me for now.  Happy reading…happy living and don’t forget to check out some of the backlist I have available now at Amazon for your kindle reading pleasure!

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