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March 16, 2011

Voices in my Head

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I think this is a common problem that most writers suffer – the voices in the head syndrome.   To me, it never fails that when I’m in the middle of a deadline on a contracted book, the voices start to whisper in the back of my head.   They promise new exciting plots, fascinating characters and lines of dialogue that are nothing short of brilliant.

Of course, the problem is I have no time to write the stories that speak in my head at the time that they appear.  Most nights before I go to sleep, I try to remember all the things that have been spoken to me during the day – unfortunately this resulted in a trip to the doctor for a magic sleeping pill to help me stop the voices in my head.

Before our last snow storm I was walking through KMart and found a nice sized cork board. I suddenly wondered if I actually committed those voices to bits of paper would they then leave me in peace?   So…

This is my new version of voices in my head.  It’s only just begin, but it’s working.   I still have a lot to add to it, but at least some of the chatter in my head has quieted!

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