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February 24, 2011

New Release and Idol Musing

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It’s here!  The last of the Lawmen of Black Rock series!  Special Agent’s Surrender is on sale now and I love this hero!   I love this cover!      Is this guy hot, or what?!

And now a confession – I’m hooked on American Idol this season.  I haven’t watched much of it the last couple of seasons, but this time there seems to be so much amazing talent!   It’s an indulgence I’m giving to myself, one that I normally don’t because I discovered long ago that I can’t work to music. 

I do my best work while watching television.  The better the show, the better my writing goes, but music screws me up.  I think maybe part of it is because as a senstive writer type (okay, quit laughing) music speaks to something deep inside me and I find it pulls emotion that is often inappropriate for what I’m writing, so it’s a no-no.  Then there’s the problem that I am an entertainer at heart and I want to sing with every song that I know the words to.  I also can’t fall asleep at night listening to music for the same reason.  I either want to get up and belt out the tune or dance in the middle of the bed. 

Back to the writing life, I’m working up a synopsis for a new series and hope to get it sent off by the first of next week.    It’s cowboys and danger and love…what could be better?

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