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July 18, 2010

Dudley Dammit Finds Love

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      Dudley Dammit had been lonely most of his life.  He longed to find a woman who understood the true meaning of love, a woman who would know how to navigate through the black moments of love and come out stronger on the other side.

     He’d tried the bar scene and had even signed up to, but the women all left his stuffing cold.   One day he decided to head to his local bookstore to pick up the latest edition of  the DammitBabe Calendar. (he especially loved Miss July with her damn fine sparklers and firecracker eyes) 

     He noticed that an author was signing her latest release, The Lawman’s Nanny Op. ( hey, I’d be stupid not to work in a little self promo)   As he watched her sign a book for a customer, his stuffing stiffened and a rivulet of warmth shot around his stitching.   It was love at first sight and he knew Rosie Romance Author was the girl for him.  Who better to know about love than somebody who wrote it? 

     Rosie was beautiful. (okay, she was a bit overweight and he thought he spied some roots in her blond hair, but he was getting really desperate)  Alas, before he could get up his nerve to talk to her,  she left. 

     For weeks Dudley mourned the loss of his chance at true love.  All he could think about was Rosie.  She consumed his thoughts, his dreams at night.  He had to find her.  He had TO HAVE HER!

     Driven by need and a lust that was mind-blowing, he searched everywhere for her and finally caught up to her as she was traveling in the southwest.  He tried not to notice the Italian stud that drove her car as he followed behind.  Surely the man was just a paid employee and nothing more.   When she finally stopped  for gas, Dudley got as close to her as he could.

He was aching with the need to talk to her, hold her, but his shyness held him back.

    He watched as she got back into her car and the creep Italian drove off.  Dudley quickly followed, determined to possess her!   He didn’t realize that his desires were growing darker, transforming him into something he hardly recognized.

       He finally caught up with her again in Lake Havasu, Arizona and by that time he’d been changed from lovely Dudley Dammit to Stalker Son-of-a-Bitch!

 He suddenly realized he’d become a monster for love.  He was ashamed, especially when he learned that the Italian stud with the muffin belly was Rosie’s husband. 

     However, he was excited to learn that there was a conference in July with lots of romance authors.  Surely he could find love there.   He’d also heard that the Mid-America Romance Authors would be selling dammit dolls and maybe a few son-of-a-bitch dolls at the Moonlight and Madness sale.

      He was so excited.  He couldn’t wait to get to Florida, but before he went, he decided to check out the next installment of adventures for the Dammit dolls at Fran’s blog at

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