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April 28, 2010

Chinese Food and Other Genres

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Wanted Bodyguard, An August Harlequin IntrigueThe other day my hubby and I were out running errands and we decided to get lunch out.   I mentioned that there was a Chinese restaurant that had a pretty good buffet nearby, but he instantly reminded me he didn’t like Chinese food.  Now, I’ve been married to this man for an eternity and I’ve never seen him try any Chinese food.  I finally talked him into going to the restaurant and there he discovered something amazing – he loves Chinese!

This got me thinking about my reading habits.  I’ve often told people I don’t like futuristics or sci-fi, that historicals aren’t my cup of tea.  I was as closed off to the idea of something different as my husband had been about Chinese food. 

I atttended a retreat recently and part of the experience was an open critique where other members of my writing group read parts of their works in progress.  I was entralled by so many genres outside my comfort reading.

The next time I make a trip into a bookstore, I intend to not hone into the romantic suspense that I love, but also look at what else is available, what wonderful books I might be missing because I didn’t think I liked Chinese food!

That’s it from me for now.  Happy reading!


April 6, 2010

The Bad Boy And The Cheerleader

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A Blast from the Past

  Sounds like the title for a category book, but it’s actually my story.  Today is our wedding anniversary – thirty-five years together and still happy.  

It shouldn’t have lasted.  I met Frank in a bar where he apparently lived when he wasn’t at work as a carpenter.  He was a hot Italian guy with sex in his eyes and a confidence that told me he probably got what he wanted most of the time.

I was a midwestern cheerleader, wholesome and fairly innocent.  I knew the moment I saw him that he was the man I wanted in my life.  Everyone in the bar warned me about him.  Even his best friends told me to run not walk to the nearest exit.  He was a heartbreaker and I was a nice girl, but I was also a smart girl.

He never knew what hit him.  From our first date I had my heart set on him.  Of course, having read enough romance novels, I knew beneath his flirting, cocky facade beat a heart of gold.   I got the man, the sex and the heart!

Has it all been sunshine and roses?  No.  It’s been compromise and adjustment.  But, it’s also been lots of laughs.  He gets me – allows me to be my goofy self and he loves me. 

So, here’s to my husband, for making me feel pretty and making me laugh and getting me like nobody else ever will.  May we share another thirty-five years together!

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