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February 17, 2010

Marriage or Affair?

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     I was having a conversation with one of my fellow writers, Valerie Francis, the other day and she said something that I told her I was going to steal from her, so here it is…

     I have affairs with my manuscripts, not marriages.  I’m not one to hang around and re-think, analyze and pick to death the relationship.  I want to get it done and get it out of my life.

     I know many writers who have marriages with their work in progress.  They write the book, they re-write the book, they angst and write it again and suffer and can’t seem to let it go.  In some cases they work on the book for years, long after the passion has gone. 

     I’m not advocating letting go of a manuscript before it’s ready for an editor’s eyes, but I think it’s important for a writer to know when it’s enough and time for the divorce.

     I’ve had many affairs and sometimes I can’t even remember my past loves, but in my eyes they’ve been smart affairs.  One of the secrets to being a productive working writer is knowing when to finally let go.

     So, on that note, happy writing!

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