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October 23, 2009

Sex and the reader

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Maybe I’m old.  Maybe I’m cranky, but does it seem like more and more authors are sacrificing plot and characterization for sex scenes?  And I’m not talking about the erotica genre.

I’ve been reading a lot of paranormal.  I love the world-building and there’s nothing better than a sexy vampire or werewolf, but it seems the last ten or twelve books I’ve read has been filled with the horniest people I’ve ever known!

In danger of losing your life? Have sex. Need a good conversation to cure some conflict?  Have sex. Hungry for bacon and eggs?  Have sex.  And these aren’t your garden variety sex scenes – they go on forever!   Page after page after page of grunting and groaning, of descriptions of body parts I prefer not to know.

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe after being married for so long I’m just plain sexed out.  I’m certainly not a prude and believe that sex is an important element of a romance novel, but I want more than sex! 

What do you think?  Is there too much sex in the books that are being published today or do I just need a healthy dose of hormones?

October 17, 2009


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Mistakes happen.

Sometimes despite the best efforts of everyone involved in the process errors occur in books that get published.  Nobody likes for a mistake to slip through , but it happens. 

I’ve now heard from several readers about a big faux pas that slipped through in my latest release, Up Close And Personal.  I can’t go back and fix it, there’s really nothing I can do about it except have a contest!

If you read my book and spot the error, then email me at and tell me what it is.  You will then be entered into a drawing for copies of my next three books from Silhouette and Harlequin.

For the readers who have already contacted me, you are automatically entered in the contest!

We’ll give it a couple of weeks and then I’ll announce the winner here!

Happy reading!


October 12, 2009

Scattered and Windtossed

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Change is in the air for me, both in my personal life and in my career.  Like the wind-tossed leaves falling to the ground lately I’ve been feeling scattered by forces out of my control.

On a personal note my parents, who have lived two-doors away from me for the past three years have decided to move to a senior home.  For the past three years I’ve enjoyed the comfort of being able to drop into their home any time.   They’ve been my best friends and support system in a thousand different ways.  They’ll still be there for me, but I know the change of living arrangements will change things for us.

On a professional note, I’m still thrilled to be writing for Silhouette and Harlequin, but I will no longer be writing romantic suspense novels for NAL.  I’m currently working on a vampire series, a romantic suspense series and a young adult vampire series – scattered, that’s me.

I feel as if I’ve been blown off course and am now navigating new waters.  It’s both exciting and a little bit frightening. 

But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned after twenty years in this business it’s that I’m a survivor.    Change can hopefully equal growth and I know I’m up to any challenge!

What changes have you faced that turned into a positive growth experience?


October 5, 2009

Validation and the Writer

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As a published writer I always thought I would be validated when I got my first book published, maybe when I cashed my first check.  After all, success and money is definitely validation, right?  But, all too quickly I realized I needed something more to feel like I was doing what I was supposed to be with my writing.  So, I decided reviews were a great way to feel validated.

HA!  Sure, I’ve learned to embrace my good reviews, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the less than stellar ones.  Before long I realized that if I got a lukewarm review on a book, suddenly that’s how I felt about it.   I was allowing the various reviews to mean too much to me and how I felt about myself as a writer.

This past week I got the kind of validation that I needed, the kind that will last a long time to come.  I received a fan letter from a 13 year-old girl who had read Last Gasp.  She loved it.  She’s passing it to her friends and they love it.  She’s excited to read more books like it.  Every word in her note to me reminded me of why I wanted to be a writer, what is really important.

She told me she cried at the end of the book, not only because everything she wanted to happen, happened, but also because it was the end of the book and there was no more to read.  If she only knew what a gift she gave me with her enthusiasm.  She made me remember what was important – touching readers one at a time. 

It would be nice to get a note like that for every book I write, but somehow I’m okay if I only get one in my lifetime as a writer.  I go to bed tonight knowing that I touched somebody with my words.  And for now, that’s enough.



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